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Our names are  Esteban and Edna Moreno.  My wife Edna is from Virginia and I am from Spain.  We meet 15 years ago while instructing at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Edna raised Shelties for many years, and I had been raised around German Sheppard's, Briards, and Mastines Espanoles (Spanish Mastiffs).  Our love for each other is almost equaled by our love for life.  We enjoy the outdoors completely, we fish, camp, hike, off road, enjoy site seeing, scuba diving, and I hunt and also Sky dive.

Now here is the thing people are surprised about us, everywhere we usually go you can find our little ones.

Now to own these guys there are many things one needs to think about which we will get into later, but as if you had a baby, which these are to us since we cannot have children, you have to understand how to do things.  Most parents stop living or slow down when they have a baby, we slow down till the puppies are about 3 months old and then we are back at normal Speed.

Our family grew with the addition of Siesta Tornádo Erben in 2011; a joy to be around with and who gets along with all of the family members, even Gizmo our cat. Siesta is from Lenka Erbenova, a breeder of Spanish Mastiffs in Czech Republic.

We proudly show off Bandera de Moreno, one of Leon and Gitana's B litter puppies who we kept.  She has been a wonderful addition, and has earned her certification as a Therapy Dog.  Bandera is a Red Cross Volunteer visting patients in hospitals, helping to cheer them up.

So if you ever see us driving around in our Jeep Liberty you will first see the big window sticker which says “Proud Parent of Spanish Mastiffs” and second you will see the heads of our little ones, usually hanging out the back windows enjoying the breeze in their faces while we enjoy going out and having fun with our family.